City of Sandy Springs approves Rezoning for Northside Hospital and a Zoning Modification for a swimming pool project

Northside Hospital expansion approved with traffic fixes

I was at the Sandy Springs City Council meeting last night for a zoning modification hearing on a swimming pool project that I have been working on for the last few months.  The zoning modification for the swimming pool project was unanimously approved, and I’m really happy for the family because they are wonderful people and have patiently worked through this process.

The zoning modification for the swimming pool was 4th on the agenda so we witnessed the City Council and Mayor of Sandy Springs work through three rezoning applications.  The most interesting of the three was the rezoning application for Northside Hospital.  The applicant presented a compelling case for the need to rezone this property citing increased number of patients in every area of the hospital from labor & delivery to the emergency room.  The head of emergency medicine at Northside Hospital spoke about how important every minute is in the emergency room and how this political decision could affect operations at the hospital.  Then, a parking consultant spoke about how smart parking can increase the usability and efficiency of parking lots.  I love smart technology and could have listened to the parking consultant for hours.

Then, Mayor Rusty Paul closed the public comments so the City Council could discuss the project.  There were passionate objections recommending a deferral of the project because of the traffic impact on the community based on this project.  I drive through this area on a regular basis and the traffic is absurd.  How can an emergency room help me if I’m 15 cars deep in the left hand turn lane?

After almost an hour of spirited debate, eventually the rezoning application was approved.  While I’m nervous about the traffic implications in the area, I’m excited to see the future developments at Northside Hospital.

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