New Property Tax Laws in 2019 for City of Atlanta

How will the new property tax laws affect your property tax bill?  Each property is unique so there is no universal answer, but the bottom line is these laws will significantly increase the importance of the homestead exemption.  Before we get into the details of the new laws, here is a brief explanation of the homestead exemption and links to apply in Dekalb County and Fulton County.  


Fulton County Homestead Exemption Guide   Dekalb County Homestead Exemption Guide


The homestead exemption applies to the house where you live.  However, you must apply for the homestead exemption with your County.  The deadline to apply is April 1, but you only need to apply once and the homestead exemption remains with the property until you move to a new home.


If you have a homestead exemption, one of these new laws will limit the increase of the net assessed value of your home to 2.6% for the portion of your property tax bill which applies to the City of Atlanta.  This is a floating homestead exemption so the taxable fair market value of your home may change, but the net assessed value will only increase 2.6%.


There are similar laws in several cities around metro Atlanta as well as other new laws which will increase the amount of the homestead exemption for senior citizens and increase the amount of the exemption for the portion of your bill which applies to the Atlanta Public Schools.  


The bottom line is you need to double and triple check that you have the homestead exemption on the house where you live.  


If you have further questions or want to know how these new laws apply to your unique property, contact HLR Law today.  We specialize in property tax appeals and have represented property owners at Board of Equalization Hearings in 33 different Georgia Counties.