How We Saved Our Client Over $100,000

When they received their Notice of Assessment from Fulton County in the mail, they thought it was a mistake.  Their estimated property tax bill increased 1,002%. This bill had the potential to cripple the business and have real effects on head county and the viability of the business.

After several meetings with our firm and the Fulton County Appraisers, client was able to reduce the taxable fair market value of their property from $7,017,700 to $1,250,000 which reduced their 2017 property tax bill from $121,546 to $12,123.

Remember to check your notice of assessment for every property you own every year.  Georgia law requires each County Tax Assessor to send each property owner an estimate of the property tax bill on a “Notice of Assessment”.  These notices are sent in the mail and posted online. If the County’s opinion of the fair market value seems out of line, then give us a call to see if we can help.

Disabled Veteran Homestead Exemption

One of the ways we honor those who have been injured while serving our country is through the disabled veteran homestead exemption.  Disabled Veterans qualify for a significant reduction in their property tax bill on their home.  They must complete an application with the county tax commissioner, provide the final disability determination letter from the VA and other documents which prove they reside in the home where they are claiming this exemption.

House Bill 196 was signed by Governor Deal in April of 2017 and became effective July 1st that same year. While the bill amends several sections of Chapter 5 of Title 48 in the Georgia Code, one of the amendments allows disabled veterans to receive a refund for property taxes they paid while they were disabled. House Bill 196 provides that if a veteran receives a final disability determination from the VA, which includes a retroactivity provision, they may receive a refund on their property taxes. However, a qualifying veteran may only receive a refund for the three years preceding their application for the homestead exemption.

If all proper documentation is provided by a disabled veteran, the county will then determine the proper amount to be refunded and will convey this to the tax commissioner who will then pay out the refund to the disabled veteran taxpayer.

A copy of House Bill 196 can be found here.